... inspiration is found in the wide spaces and close up ...

Each glass panel is ready to hang - in a window, where it will constantly change with the moving light of the time of day, weather and season; or against a plain wall where it can also be enjoyed in daylight or reflected light after the curtains are closed. All work is signed by the artist.

Ways to buy:

  • Buy a ready-made glass panel 
  • Commission a panel large or small to suit any budget
  • Visit Naomi's studio to choose a gift - many smaller items, prices £20-£75
  • Buy a Gift Voucher
  • Buy someone a day's workshop in stained glass


Southwold Gallery - 64A High Street, Southwold Suffolk IP18 6DN
www.southwoldgallery.co.uk  T: 01502 723888
Obsidian Art - Layby Farm, Old Risborough Road, Stoke Mandeville Bucks HP22 5XJ
www.obsidianart.co.uk  T: 01296 612150