Meet Naomi

Naomi loves stepping up to the challenges of working in glass, the limits of available colours, the restrictions for possible detail, always trying to identify the essence and translating it into simplicity of shape and honing the detail to a minimum and yet still tell the story.

She takes her inspiration from nature - the wild and the calm, undiscovered corners and wide open spaces, the changing light of every day from dawn to dusk, across the seasons, in all weathers.


She studied art at Reading Art College and Islington Institute, later taking up textiles and photography, but in 2001 was introduced to stained glass and although she continues to work using the traditional techniques, she introduces other materials and has developed her own distinctive style.

Naomi's work is regularly exhibited in East Anglia, in exhibitions and in art galleries in Southwold, Suffolk and in Buckinghamshire, plus a steady stream of commissioned work for hanging panels and windows and doors.

Visitors are welcome to her Felixstowe studio.